Our Commitment


We constantly strive to satisfy the needs of our clients.  We are always eager to find the best solution to the projects we work on.  We are known for our dedication, from the moment we become part of a project, communicating with our clients whenever necessary, to obtain trustworthy and timely information that allows for any modifications and adjustments.

Today, even though we are a young company, we have gained the confidence of a great number of clients.  We provide unique quality in Mexico, executing the largest number of zero prints of movies, that is, the first print to be viewed by experts, where parameters are qualified and measured, in order to set the standard for high volume reproduction.

Our technicians are prepared to observe and offer feasible solutions.  We are an innovative company always on the forefront.  Our facilities and processes are safe, ecological and constantly updated.  We work with the new sound reading system      (dye track) that allows us to better the quality of the analog sound. As a result, we obtain an overall higher level of picture quality and sound.  



All of our services are executed following Kodak’s international norms, and processed through ECN-2.  We belong to the quality program implemented by Kodak (Imagecare), which sets the standard for quality worldwide.

Negative development in 35mm and Super 35mm 
Negative development in 16mm and Super 16mm

Special Development processes                       


  • Silver retain
  • Push 1 more developing time  
  • Push 2 more developing time
  • Pull 1 less developing time

Characteristics of the negative developing process

We utilize an English built machine, the only one of its kind in Latin America, and it is the same machine utilized by Kodak in their Rochester plant to execute tests with different materials.

The principal characteristic of this equipment is its intelligent design.  Since it is a “feed by demand” machine it has an extremely low friction coefficient.  Furthermore, because this machine doesn’t have any sprockets in any of its parts, it makes it highly reliable and easy to change between the two formats managed in our laboratory. 

We have a production capacity to process 6000 feet of material per hour (1830mts/hr) that can be prepared in accordance to the needs of a customer.


  • Preparation for video (rank) in individual reels
  • Preparation for video (rank) in 800 ft (240mts)
  • Preparation for video (rank) in 1200 ft (366mts) reels
  • Preparation for video (rank) in 1600 ft  (480mts) reels

Within the services of negative development we also execute the traditional method, like negative editing, extraction and insertion of scenes, editing through diverse types of attachment, depending on each particular case.

All of the projects executed in our laboratory are delivered with the New Art quality, this is, all the reels are delivered in boxes with sufficient leader protection in accordance to post-production guidelines. These negatives come withphysical state reports, developed graphic, control LAD to enable photographers to measure the minimum variation possible allowed in the laboratory, and make in field decisions, and the Key No. Lists completely identified.



This process is based on established Kodak’s guidelines. We have the capacity to develop 4000 ft/hr (1220 mts/hr)



We develop highly clean subtitle overlays with a high contrast, and guarantee the final result that is transferred to the positive processes.

Positive process

Currently we have the capacity to produce an average of 100 to 110 release prints of full-length feature films per day. These are obtained through Kodak’s ECP-2D process, following strict quality guidelines. We are leaders in high volume production of trailer, teasers, commercial spots and full-length feature films zero prints.


We offer many combinations of final products in accordance to the specific needs of our clients.

Daily printing 
Zero composite print 
First composite print 
Commercial spot printing 
Short-length feature film 
Full-length feature film

We are qualified to work with materials from Kodak, Fuji and AFGA, depending on the request, and always with excellent results.


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