Beginnings of the Laboratory


New Art Lab opened its doors in July 2003.  By 2004, our systems and operations were consolidated to provide a complete range of integrated services to our clients.

In a short period, we have achieved industry recognition at a national level, and continue to build our image as well as gain acceptance in the international arena.  Due to our understanding of the digital intermediation and the continuing support of the principal post-production houses, that trust us with their film out processes, more producers are choosing our services.  Our laboratory was created in a crucial moment in the development of new digital technologies applied to the big screen, which enable us to provide real alternatives to our clients.

We are a cinematographic laboratory dedicated to the development of negative and production of release prints, with a capacity of 86,400 feet of high contrast negative; (sound, and subtitle overlays), at an average of 150 to 160 release prints of full-length 35mm features per day, as well as, 120,000 feet of color negative development, either in 16mm or 35mm format.


Our Philosophy

We strive to execute all the services we offer with the utmost quality control while providing exceptional customer service.
The steps applied to the execution of our projects are implemented with strict quality controls, starting with online revision.
Some examples are:


  • Cleaning of negatives through an ultrasonic process, safe to the environment.
  • Synchronic Cutting (editing) with specialized personnel.
  • Final Generation Color Analyzer.
  • Printed DQI (Dolby Quality Index) sound quality report.
  • Certified density meter readings.

All of these processes are executed with the support and infrastructure of the most prestigious equipment brands used in cinematography worldwide, such as Filmlab, Photomec, Advisor, BHP, Arri, Dolby Digital and CFI, among others.

In regard to the development of color negative in 16mm /35mm, we rely on the most advanced processor of its kind in Mexico.  This processor is designed to prevent unnecessary tension on the perforations, making the transition between different formats extremely fast, thus eliminating the need for mechanical modifications.

The processor is located in an isolated glass chamber, from floor to ceiling, with access through a sliding door with negative air charge that maintains it free of dust in an efficient manner.  This enables the operator to insert the material through a small door of special dimensions without having to unnecessarily open the principal access.  Relative humidity and static electricity are controlled by ions within the chamber. At the same time, temperature control registers are performed for each one of the chemical baths.

Our modern facilities have two screening rooms equipped with the latest technology and comfort; with variable velocity digital sound, up to 48 frames per second and DQI (Dolby Quality Index) report.

We could say we are the first laboratory of its kind that built and designed its facilities with optimal functionality and maximum comfort for its clients.  We offer an enjoyable work environment for our visitors as well as for our personnel.  An example of this is our floodgate system of dust suppressors throughout the entire building.

The combination of our team of professionals, our technical equipment and the support of our providers create a solid business structure.  This allows us to satisfy all our clients’ needs in an efficient manner.




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